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Faraday collaborates with Arm to innovate AI-based on-demand semiconductors for vehicles 2024-04-24

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Faraday collaborates with Arm to innovate AI-based on-demand semiconductors for vehicles

【Hsinchu, Taiwan】 2024-04-23

Faraday Technology Corporation (TWSE: 3035), a leading ASIC design services and IP solutions provider, has announced the Cortex®-A720AE IP (Cortex®-A720AE IP) to drive AI-based automotive ASIC development focused on safety, efficiency and quality. A720AE IP) was licensed and the company announced that it is utilizing the latest Arm® Automotive Enhanced (AE) technology.

Faraday has been Arm's global licensee since 2002, and has now become not only a key partner in Arm's total design ecosystem, but also a key design partner in Arm's automotive ecosystem. With over 20 years of expertise in Arm-based SoC design and subsystem integration, Faraday has built a portfolio of hundreds of successful projects, demonstrating its proficiency in enhancing and performance optimizing Arm-based SoCs.

Additionally, Faraday not only has its own IP portfolio, but also has extensive expertise in IP integration, allowing it to quickly leverage third-party IP for SoC designs. In addition, we provide robust design implementation services spanning from mature processes to cutting-edge FinFET process nodes across major foundries. Through a flexible business model, Faraday is committed to providing customized, high-standard, high-quality ASIC chips to meet diverse customer needs.

“We are very excited to be part of the Arm automotive ecosystem,” said Flash Lin, COO of Faraday. “As the first ASIC service provider to be ISO26262 certified and deliver ultra-low DPPM quality in high-volume production of automotive chips. “Faraday can now leverage Arm’s AE technology within our AE processors to meet the demanding requirements of next-generation automotive ICs at advanced nodes and meet the specific needs of our customers.”

“Keeping pace with the tremendous transformation of the automotive industry requires balancing the need for higher computing performance with cutting-edge safety and efficiency,” said Dipti Vachani, senior vice president and general manager of Arm’s automotive division. “By joining the automotive ecosystem, Faraday continues to drive innovation by leveraging the Cortex-A720AE, the first high-performance Armv9 A-Class CPU for automotive, to address the needs of software-defined vehicles.” .



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