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RTL is designed on the basis of the specifications decided according to customer requirements and the logical design stage that secures the integrity of logical errors is dealt with. The physical design work of extracting the netlist after place & routing and optimization is provided. All the processes performing the physical verification after the post-layout simulation process that veryfy it in order to perform the FAB service are supported. Semisolution responds to the customer's needs at each stage so as to provide an entire process that efficiently manufactures the chip wanted by the customer and supports in an optimal way only the process wanted by the customer.
The solution in which the whole process from design to the FAB service is handled according to the specification
wanted by the customer or the solution in which the design and verification service is provided for each stage according to customer requirements are provided.

RTL Design : The verification stage thorugh the RTL coding and simultation for specification determination
Logical Design : Checking if it corresponds to the specification wanted by the customer through dynamic
        simulation after synthesis with the library suppored in FAB
Physical Design : Realizing the design of the optimized physical layer as the stage extracting the netlist and
        the parasite ingredients after P&R
Logical Verification : The stage of checking the integrity of the logical action based on changes in circumstances
        with the netlist and parasite ingredients extracted from the physical design
Physical Verification : Checking if the physical layer design with the integrity of a logical action verified is suitable
        to the process specification
Fabrication : Handling the mask tooling and the FAB process on the basis of customer requirements to minimize
        customer tasks

Each stage of all the services is checked by the customer and is handled by reflecting the customer requirements first.